Inspiring Real-life Stories said by Capt. Raghu Raman

Who is Capt. Raghu Raman? Management lessons from Street of India - Life Changing Seminar conducted by Mr. Raghu Raman?

Posted by Shah Stavan on SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

Who is Mr. Raghu Raman

by SHAH STAVANSept 16, 2021

The life journey of Captain Raghu Raman is amazing he was serving as Indian Army Force and was of Commerce background and now currently he is the CEO of NATGRID and member of Mahindra Group. Want to know more about him? Follow this link Mr. Raghu Raman Biography.

He is inspiration for lots and lots of students and Entrepreneurs. And he is best motivational speaker on YouTube with millions of views.

Why Captain Raghu Raman is inspired of Unorganised Sector?

First of all, What is Unorganised Sector? It means the local streets of India where there is no racism considering Male or Female, Handicapped, Rich or Poor. How much of Injustice we do with their Business World and How foolish our thoughts are by saying them as unorganised and informal Sector.

We will bargain with them for more than half hour without thinking how much margin they are earning from selling this item. Why are we not bargaining in Big Malls just because they are providing us Discounts on item. Isn't it stupid because wholesome of profit is kept by that Owner of the Business and a handful amount of is distributed amongst employees while in case of such Poor peoples the Profits are divided equally between them.
In this article, I am going to discuss about this stories which are based on this Real-life heroes whom we consider as Unorganised Sector.

Managements lessons from Streets of India

Consider any metric of Business that you want to apply these peoples are exponentially better than this Nasdaq or Sensex or any top blue-chips Companies. 50% of India's GDP comes from this Unorganized Sector and they provide more than 90% of Employment to our Workforce. 

1. Whenever, you go outside you will find poor children selling items and they will give you more than 50% of discount on that item because they know that if item will no be sold they are going to sleep Hungry that Night. 
Now say me one thing, Where you will get more than 50% of discount on that specific item. To get a 5% discount from a large conglomerate that Marketing head will have to take the decision all the way to board and by the time decision comes the opportunity would have been missed.
You will be happy seeing smile on their face when they have sold that item.

2. In Mumbai, You will find hundreds of Book stalls on the road and few old-aged people even sell this book roaming here and there on that road carrying more than 2-3 kilos of weight. And do you know that the stacks of books are testified by him personally and are one of the Best Seller.

Aged Person selling Books

3. In India, the local vendors need to change their supply line more than 15-16 times a year. Suppose, they are selling items of Holi they can't sell those items throughout the year! They have to change their whole segment of the business as per upcoming festival. While in case of Big Corporates, it takes more than 5-7 year to change from one product line to another product line.

4. They don't have a single point of failure on daily basis. Tell me "How many of you have missed a newspaper or flower in the morning? And compare that with tier one companies where your network drops or your call drops". Each and everything is managed seamlessly whom we consider as Unorganized Sector.

Sandeep Kota Ray

5. The above person name is Sandeep Kota Ray who have stall of Wheat Grass juice. If you ask him for one glass of wheat grass he will grind it and will give it to you. Beside, he also have a vessel of Neem Juice if you ask him What does this cost? He will say "It's free of cost because I use to collect neem leaves from the tree and it costs nothing so, I sell this Juice free of cost. It's good for health". 

"A driver's son doesn't want to be a Driver of Bigger Car but he wants to own a Car"

6. There is one old lady on the way of Tadoba Forest Reserve who sells Khakhra. There was a man who suggested to sell a cup of tea with khakhra. Do you know what that old lady replied? She pointed out to a person selling tea beside her and said "What will he sell?". They are real-heroes who thinks about all. 

"We don't just start looking at cities that are Smart but I think we have to start building cities that I have Heart - Captain Raghu Raman"

We should feel shame saying them as unorganized sector. They are much more loyal, organized, and a better speculator.

Remember one thing if you are happy buying thing at less price from such kind of Poor or Aged people you are consuming their one time of meal of a day because first thing they have less customer chain and beyond that you are asking for discount forcibly he would have to let go his meal for selling that product and that happiness will be sad thing for him/her. So, think twice bargaining with such kind of peoples.